Pokemon Tower Defence

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Pokemon Tower Defence

Post by Poke-Artist on Thu Nov 24, 2011 7:21 pm

This is a Pokemon Tower Defence Game hence the name, the creators Sam and Dan are keeping to the original 151 pokemon and are updating weeky it started realy crap but is updating weekley and is realy fantastic.

The Blog with news constantly is sm and dan games - blog spot

The game link is above, Yes it is a flash game but it works, you can also get it for your android (Not thru the market) but as app file, and you can get a desktop version

Im Poke-Artist in game and on Newsgrounds so feel free to message em and discuss trades.

Discuss the game here

The game an be found by going to newgrounds and it is on the game section f you scroll down on the first page it has been there for months

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