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Forum RPG - Rules

Post by Archer on Thu Nov 17, 2011 4:22 am

Hey, guys!

So i've been working on the 'forum RPG' (you will know what i'm talking about if you saw all of ID's posts about it, unfortunately, those have been deleted.

Anyway, let's get down to buisness. The forum RPG, in it's most simple form, is basically a dice board game. each side of the dice represents a different action. Users will make different topics for each battle they play. Users may select an admin or moderator of their choice to referee battles. The winner will gain EXP and Gold as in a normal RPG. Of course, EXP goes to your level, which increases the power of your moves depending on your character's race, and gold gets you new weapons in the store.

As mentioned above, each side of the dice has a different action, to roll the dice, you must have BB code on and type '[rand]0,12[/rand]'. The following is each of the actions for different sides of the dice. (Crit. is +10 to the base damage).

1 - Melee attack (look in your moveset, this counts for everything!)

2 - Magic attack

3 - Melee Attack (again)

4 - Magic Attack (yep, you guessed it! xD)

5 - Skip Turn

6 - Melee (Crit.)

7 - Magic (Crit.)

8 - Summon another member to your aid (yes, I know it's broken xD)

9 - Deals a melee attack to your opponent that deals 50 damage, and deals 20 recoil to you. (a bit like take-down)

10 - Protects you from the next attack

11 - Stun (your opponent cannot attack for the next turn (pretty much the same as 10))

12 - The referee re-rolls the dice

You need to have a character sheet generated (see profile, it'll be there somewhere) and you must have filled in the required fields.

For any questions, please reply to this post.

So, yeah, that's all for now.

- Archer

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