AnimeUK Rules (last edited 03/01/12 (DD/MM/YY))

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AnimeUK Rules (last edited 03/01/12 (DD/MM/YY))

Post by Archer on Thu Nov 17, 2011 5:51 am

Of course, this is a forum, and it has it's rules... 4 points = a ban.

NO SPAMMING! Although when you reach 10,000 posts, you rank is 'spammer' this is a joke. But spamming itself is one of our greatest rules. This will get you a permanent ban.

No advertising topics - You can make a topic in which you advertise a product of your own, however, topics made by normal mambers in which you pretty much make it an advertising free for all is not allowed. This is called an 'advertising topic' only mods, global mods and admins can make an 'advertising topic'. If an 'Advertising topic' is made by a normal member, the topic will be removed and the author will get 3 points.

No abuse or impersonating staff. Both wil get you a year ban.

Bad words in usernames will be censored automatically. However, cursing IS allowed in posts and PMs if it is informal.

-EDIT- Okay, lately we've been having a few quite shady guests hanging around, so may I ask you to be careful. We've had one person who has been logging on to this site with several IP addresses at the same time. I don't know what he/she is doing, but i'm not keen on it... :/ And if you're reading this, IP spammer-person, stop, it's making me paranoid... xD

For now, those are our basic rules. This post will be edited quite alot because new rules may be added often.


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